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The Story

95 years ago with a manually operated slurry pump the success story of Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH began. The simple lever pump with a new type of seal, which were manufactured for farmers in the rural region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe at that time, no longer exist today. Pentair Jung Pumpen - a member of the American Pentair Group since 2007 - now manufactures wastewater pumps and wastewater lifting systems for building drainage and municipal wastewater transport in Steinhagen. All products are characterised by high quality, reliability and durability - important properties when it comes to waste water disposal.

First slurry pump 1924

Jung Pumpen Haustechnik Produkte

Pentair Jung Pumpen products today

From the very beginning, these characteristics have also been reflected in the Honda CX500, which came onto the market in 1978 with revolutionary technology. The mid-range touring motorcycle had a cardan drive and new rims on which tubeless tyres were mounted as standard for the first time. The machine was thus technically the latest trend in this price segment, but unfortunately also anything but beautiful. And was promptly laughed at by tradition-conscious bikers as a nerd motorcycle. So also the German cartoonist Brösel made fun in his comics about the - in his eyes - useless water cooling and had his Horex-enthusiastic comic protagonist convert the cooling circuit of a CX500 to a liquid manure pump in a lightning action. This is the reason why the CX500 "plastic maggot" is known in Germany as the "Güllepumpe" (German word for manure pump).

This nickname never fell off the machine again and over the years a large fan community built up. Due to their longevity and the large offer of cheap spare parts, these oldtimers from the 80s are used today in the custom scene by many motorcycle customizers as a basis for conversions of all kinds.

That's what this is about: We want to see what you yourself have done with your Honda "Güllepumpe"!

The Contest

In this competition, it is not about the professionals from the custom scene who compete, but you as recreational gearheads who have put your hands on your "plastic maggot" (or "Gülleumpe" as we say in Germany). To have a cool motorbike exactly according to your taste in the garage (or in the living room) and to drive it out proudly. All variants of the Honda CX family are approved as the basis.

Which custom style you have implemented is unimportant, as long as it is recognizable. Whether Scrambler, Cafe Racer, Bobber, Bagger, Brat-Bikes, Flat-Tracker or even the good old Chopper, like in former times. Easy Rider just turned 50 this year, so we can't miss it ;-)

To participate you have to send us some photos of your real existing custom bike and add a small project description. Anything that documents the conversion and your own contribution will help our jury later to choose the best bike.

All submitted projects are presented here on the website and regularly in the social media of Jung Pumpen (Facebook, Instagram).

Click here for the conditions of participation.


Marvin Diehl, 33
Body and vehicle builder, owner of the motorcycle manufactory KRT Framework

Ralf Harnisch, 61
Technology expert and presenter "f104wart" in the Cafe Racer forum, CX customizer of the first hour


Dieter Reinard, 48
Product designer and managing director of the Kickstarter Web-Shop


Dr. Andreas Kämpf, 56
Head of Marketing Pentair Jung Pumpen

Marvin is not only a remarkable body and vehicle builder, but also very creative. Since he was 16 years old, he has been interested in motorcycle racing and occasionally drives by himself. In order to be able to travel quickly, he built himself a lightweight motorcycle, which caused a sensation in the scene and made him famous. Since then he can hardly save himself from requests for modifications. Since autumn 2018 he has been running his motorcycle factory at Kabelwerk B 64 between Beelen and Clarholz, where he produces very special conversions by hand on behalf of private and corporate customers.

Ralf knows the customizing scene, drives a modified CX 500 himself and is currently customizing a CX 650 into a classic Cafe Racer. He bought his first "Gülleumpe" back in 1979 while working in a Honda workshop. The technology and the chassis had convinced him immediately, the optics rather not, which he changed immediately by a few modifications.

Harnisch is active as a moderator in the popular and well known Cafe Racer forum, as well as in the CX GL500-650 Forum, where he gives helpful advice as a much sought-after and recognized technical expert. But he also has an eye for the right proportions and lines.


Dieter studied industrial design for 25 semesters and is therefore more than perfectly qualified for this jury. During his studies he founded several start-ups in the field of design and technology. In 2003 he founded, the well-known online shop for Cafe Racer and Scrambler accessories. At that time only a handful of motorcyclists could use the term Cafe Racer. Since then he has been passionate about motorcycle conversions and owns around a dozen self-converted machines.

Andreas came to marketing as a mechanical engineer with a technical background. He is interested in vintage vehicles on two and four wheels and has a few treasures standing in his barn. Even though his custom bike experience is limited to BMW so far, he is extremely curious about what is possible with a CX500.

The Jury


When you arrive, you have two choices: Either you and your companion travel with your motorcycles (incl. ferry crossing Dover-Calais) to London or you decide for the faster journey with the airplane - then however without your bikes.


Second prize

Voucher from worth €500.

Third prize

Voucher from worth €300.

The evaluation by the jury and the award ceremony will take place at the Güllepumpen Custom Bike meeting at the Kabelwerk B64 in Beelen on 18 August 2019. Food and drink will be available free of charge for all contest participants on this day.

The Prize


First prize worth about €1000

Weekend trip for two persons from Friday to Monday to London, to the legendary "Ace Cafe Reunion" from 6th to 8th September 2019. You stay overnight in a nearby hotel, of course incl. Full English Breakfast.

Be part of the thousands of motorcyclists meeting at the English cult site and take part in the final Ace Day at the Brighton Burn Up on Madeira Drive.

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