The "Güllepumpen" Event

First prize: Ace Cafe


Mechanical engineer Karsten from Ulm, who carried out the conversion of his CX 500 together with his 19-year-old son Viktor, was able to convince our jury with a modern and in detail technically greatly improved bike in the Cafe Racer style. The two GPCC champions won the first prize, a 4-day trip to the annual Ace Cafe Reunion in London.

The Ace Cafe, located in the northwest of London, exists since 1938 and gives its name to the Cafe Racers. These machines from the 60's were converted and slimmed down production motorcycles, mostly English traditional brands such as BSA, Norton and Triumph. With these, the English rockers of the time fought illegal road races on the North Circular Road, with the aim of reaching 100 miles/hour on a limited distance. Whoever managed this was a Ton Up Boy.

Everything's more civilized there these days. Rockers, petrolheads, vintage car fans and normal bikers meet there with their machines at Rock'n Roll Musik for coffee, beer and ribs. Every year the Ace Cafe Reunion reminds us of the old days with a big meeting on the first weekend of September and so Karsten and Viktor could soak up the special spirit of this motorcycle Mecca.

The highlight was the Ace Day on Sunday: In the morning a few hundred motorcyclists met there and drove together to the seaside resort of Brighton. At the beach promenade our winners already expected the arriving machines, which lined up there to thousands on a length of about a mile.  All possible motorcycle variants and conversions, rarely seen makes and oldtimers as well as totally crazy creations could be seen within a supporting program. Unfortunately, even after a long search, they could not find a "Güllepumpe".

Karsten and Viktor have taken great impressions of this extraordinary trip with them and can now go to their next project with vigor and many new ideas - another CX bike is still in the garage ;)

We celebrated the machanics!

Hobby mechanics from all over Germany presented their CX custom bikes on August 18, 2019. An expert jury from the scene chose the coolest "Güllepumpe".


Many passionate screwdrivers came to the Kabelwerk B64 in Beelen.

These are the winners:
1. Viktor und Karsten Bothe

​2. Robin Streicher

3. Marek Woitun

The winners from left to right: 2nd Robin Streicher, 1st father-son project Viktor and Karsten Bothe , 3rd Marek Woitun, in front: screwdriver model Kelly Bell

And these 22 bikes faced our jury


Here some impressions of the great custom CX500, which were to be seen with your builders in Beelen.

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