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Hi guys, where to start?

My name is Kris, and I was a guy who said 'i will never have a bike'. This thought changed at the moment I saw the first custom bike. I started investigating bike culture and find other cool customs. I felt in love with the cafe racer scene. So I got a driving license and started with a bike search. After a few days of struggling, I decided to build my bike. It was a funny idea because I am a software developer and I had no idea about bikes. I bought the nearest CX 500 and started with build in winter 2017. I started with Honda cx500 manual, forums, and youtube videos. The first phase of the build was finished in summer 2018 and it was already an awesome bike. The bike was stripped down, every part was cleaned, sanded, primed and painted anew (black mat/silver), the frame was cut (rear end), the front fender was cut, the rear was new Harley-Davidson like fender and it was mounted to the under-seat (handcrafted seat) box with electric. Under the engine was a battery box. Thank was cleaned, sanded, primed and painted in gray.


List of installed parts included: skyline headlight with LED ring, Motogadget indicators front, Fehling clip-ons, Highsider mirrors, Rizoma griffs, new tacho units, Daytona indicator, JMP oil indicator, handcrafted seat, yss shocks, Rizoma club S indicators rear, Rizoma side plate, Li-Ion battery (kickstarter, louis, polo-motorrad, caferacerwebshop).In summer 2018 I did almost 1000 km and Jolene was an absolute eye-catcher. And then it comes the winter 2018 and I have decided to do some updates. I replaced the throttle cables, wiring harness, NGK sparkling plugs, updated to smaller LiPo battery and put it to the under-seat box.I also handcrafted carbon parts (fenders and windshield, battery-box) and repainted the tank. The Jolene was ready for riding again in spring this year.We did already our home track (Sudelfeld) and are looking forward to the contest. The more details and the full Jolene story you can find under the

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